Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How can we keep that first day excitement going?

You know the look I'm talking about.  The look of absolute excitement on their faces when they walk into the building or down the hall the first day.  The look that says, "I couldn't wait to get to school." I'd love to see that look on their faces every day.  At least, I'd like to see that look again before next September!

We all like to learn as evidenced by the smiles you see on faces when people are actively engaged in meaningful activities and are learning!  Think of the grin on a toddler learning to walk! Think of the adult who has just mastered a zip line. 

I'm not totally sure how to make that happen because frankly, the demands of learning and the challenges of balancing every day life can be daunting.  However, one of my personal, professional goals is to to try to make learning more "engaging and meaningful."  

So I am reading, writing, and thinking about what I can do!
This blog post was a reminder to me that we all have that potential to make learning meaningful and engaging every day.   
This article talks about ways to make project learning meaningful.
This article talks about authentic learning/ 
I do not think a zip line is a reasonable objective (too much danger there) but I do hope these might make learning a bit more fun!

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