Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Twas The Night Before School...

She said she had been riding
Past the neighborhood school.
The feeling was distinct, palpable,
The kids filled with nervous energy
A sense of competition and excitement,
She's not even a teacher,
She works in a year-round job now,
Yet, she remembers.
She said It's hard to fall asleep
On the night before the first day.
The jitters are distinct, palpable,
A new beginning, a fresh start,
She not a teacher,
She's the Principal now,
She's still got it. 

 He said it was a good thing
We rode more than 20 miles
 Before our more than 30 minute
Planned over kale risotto,
He said I was hyper,
Suggested a cup of tea,
He should know,
 He's had many husband-level
First days.

The start of school
Whenever it is,
That night before excitement,
Jitters and angst rolled into one.
It's not just my imagination,
Others sense it, too.


Linda at teacherdance said...

We've had our 'jitters' but you've said it just right, everyone knows it, especially the stores! You want the first days to go so, so right-hence, jittery. Thanks Anita.

Nanc said...

I just love the word jittery...what a great way to describe it. It feels so much better after that first day- for everyone !

elsie said...

There is something in the air right before school. Maybe it's the electric charge of the molecules. You've caught it in you poem. Happy first days to you!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Feeling those jitters right now!

Anonymous said...

I love your conclusion- "it's not just my imagination." We aren't all crazy! Last week someone wrote the phrase "school year's eve" and this week you bring on "'twas the night before school"- both seem like such a fun way to look at the beginning of school.

I've been back since the beginning of August, so we are reallly getting into the nitty-gritty now. So far we have had DIBELS and TRC for K-2, and for 3-6 we have completed SRI, pre-tests in core subjects,the first of 8 scrimmages, and created plans for the first success period- and this week we start the first predictor test in preparation for this year's state-wide test ...and oh, yeah, we are teaching/learning when we can squeeze it in.

Maya Woodall said...

I love it! I think if I am ever able to sleep the night before the first day of school that I will just have to retire. Happy first day. We are approaching our first progress report here...

Deb Day said...

What a great poem. You certainly caught the flavor of the start of the school year jitters. My friends and family all notice it too. I often wonder if I begin changing at the beginning of August....

Amy Rudd said...

In first grade chat on twitter, one of the teachers mentioned about reading The First Day jitters and she was going to serve up some jitter juice!
Cute poem Anita! Jitters says it all!

Anonymous said...

I was in a workshop after school today, and the presenter used this book as an example.

I immediately thought of your post!

Anita Ferreri said...

Funny...I wish I had thought of that!!!!!!!

OneSunflower said...

Imagine year round school and not having that same feeling! I would miss it.