Sunday, September 30, 2012

On any given Saturday


On any given Saturday (or any other day of the week) on any given ball field (or court or track) anywhere, there are thousands of children playing sports and thousands of parents cheering them onward!  While some undoubtedly dream their child will be part of the lucky .001% (I am not sure of the percentage....just imagining) to make it to the pros, most realize that the lessons on the field have far more to do with sportsmanship and appreciating moments of glory - life lessons that we all can use no matter where life takes us.
The other day we were on my home turf watching a football game.  I was there as a parent of the visiting coach, so my perspective was a bit reflective and the memories of days spent watching him play were strong as I sat in the stands and listened to the parents around me. 
Late in the fourth quarter, the visiting team was up 34-0 and the second strings had been called in to hone their skills in a match that was already decided.  It was in those waning moments of the game when several players made memorable sacks, amazing passes, and an unexpected touchdown that made the fans crazy!  The cheers for the extra point would have made you think they had just won the Super Bowl. 
Now, as the parent of a coach, watching from the stands, I'm finally starting to understand.  There really is something to be said for teamwork, sportmanship, and moments of glory that will be remember long after the score of the game is history.  The extraordinary amount of time spent by coaches planning and players practicing "sports" is worthwhile as more than a way to keep our kids busy.  Coaches have the potential to impact the future through modeling sportsmanship and creating moments of glory.  Perhaps, we all need moments of glory like the ones I was lucky enough to witness and to have!

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