Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I so clearly remember the morning 2 little boys in my car made me late for school because we drove an extra mile in search of that "100,000" on the odometer!  Since them, I've had quite a few cars turn over that number, and I always think of their excitement.  Recently, my car turned over 111,111 and if I had been at a place where I could have done so, I would have taken a picture of that - for them and for the other numerologists in my life!

I suspect both of them will notice today, 12.12.12.  What a date.  The last time this century we will have a triple play, so to speak, of a date!  Do something memorable today!  Write a chapter of that book?  Call a friend?  Perhaps a random act of kindness?

Even if you are not into numbers, it will be a LONG time before it is 12.12.12 again!

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