Monday, December 10, 2012

Charge that phone!

Rendezvous proposed,
Response: Absolutely! 
A call, a message.
No response. 
Probably sleeping late.
Packed car, headed for goodies.
Another call.
No response.
Another text.
No response.
Another text, still,
No response.

Car loaded,
Giggling girls,
"Can't wait," they say,
Called again.
No response.
Heart was pounding
What if they're not home?
What if they forgot?
We pulled in,
All you could hear was my heart beating.

The house was dark.
We thought we saw something?
Someone was home?
The door opened.
Then shut.
Did they forget?
The door opened.
Smiles, laughs, hugs,
Giggles, excitement,
Charge that cell! 


ourclasswrites said...

Love your blog! And the poem... You were smart with the title--the whole feeling of the poem would have been different without it.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I've been hearing just this from my true!

Deb Day said...

I also hear from my sons--keep your phone with you! I have a tendency to forget it and then I miss their texts and calls.

Love how this poem went--and the title did let us know where this was heading. Thanks for sharing!

Linda at teacherdance said...

Me too, everything! Both my children & families have only cell phones now, so they forget to keep them with them, etc. I'm glad it all worked out for you!

newtreemom said...

I relate! My sister teases me unmercifully about forgetting or not hearing my cell phone when it rings.

Amy Rudd said...

Oh my goodness-I can relate-been there done that-both ways! Loved how your poem took us from beginning to end!

maria.selke said...

I can relate to this! I never leave home without my phone.

I love the structure of your poem, and they way the lines are balanced. Nicely done!