Sunday, December 2, 2012

CCS: The Common Core is Now

I sometimes wonder if Peter DeWitt ever sleeps....or eats...or watches TV?  ANYWAY he wrote a post on EdWeek on Sunday, December 2, about why the Comon Core is worth our positive  attention! The whole post can be found at:

"The CCSS come at a time when teachers and administrators are suffering under the weight of accountability, and that is unfortunate, because the 6 shifts of the CCSS have the potential to have a positive impact on schools and that should not get lost in the political debates. Those Six Shifts are:
• Informational Texts
• Knowledge in the Disciplines
• Staircase of Complexity
• Text Based Answers
• Writing from Sources
• Academic Vocabulary...  
If you step outside the political debate, the Six Shifts of the Common Core offer us an opportunity to teach students the necessary skills they need to survive in this world."

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Peter DeWitt said...

Hi Anita,

To quote Will Farrell in Elf, I get a good 45 minutes of sleep every night. Seriously, I do eat and sleep. Thanks for posting my blog. Hope you liked it.