Saturday, December 1, 2012

Facebook: Pros and Cons

It was a tough week for many people I know and there are a zillion papers waiting for feedback in my in-box; however, thanks to the much maligned social network, Facebook, I received the equivalent of a picture postcard as I scanned on a "break" to refuel for more reading and writing. 

While I appreciate that Facebook has led to many sad situations for many people, I suspect it's benefits outweigh it's bad aspects.  While far apart, we might still connect and share the small moments of wonder in each of our lives. To be honest, I'm lousy at sending cards and my gifts are often wrapped by American Express; yet, I am reminded this morning of the great potential of a kind word or beautiful image.

I might reuse this as a virtual "Christmas" card - I wonder if I will have to pay Tracey royalties on her photo? 

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