Saturday, December 8, 2012

Out on a limb: Learning to read, write and think

Long ago (back in November) Peter DeWitt wrote a blog post for Edweek about kids  and teachers taking risks.  I've thought a lot about that lately as talked to parents during conferences because learning to read is one of the biggest risk taking activities we ask young kids to do!  We ask them to navigate a "code" that can mean different things in different settings.  We say that "read" can say "reed" or "red" and it just depends on what else is happening around it!!  They look at us like we are nuts when we say that "write" and "right" both say "rite" but that "rite" is always "wrong!"  So, we say, "Just take a chance," or "try it," or "make a stab at it!"  While we really mean what we say, we also really want them to "get it right!"

It's the same with teachers.  We have to try new ways of teaching, implement new curricula, and embrace new ideas.  We're taking "risks" all the time as we traverse untraveled waters; yet, we really are expected to "get it right" every time!

The whole article is worth a read!

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