Monday, January 28, 2013

I'd like to thank TWT, Twitter and Amazon

WonderThe One and Only Ivan

True confessions here:  I read lots of professional books and journals during the school year; however, school vacations are when I do the bulk of my "fun" reading!

Last summer, in my usual fashion, I settled on the porch with a huge glass of iced tea and proceeded to devour RJ Palacio's Wonder.  I thought of all the great ways this text would be included in classroom conversations about diversity and proclaimed it to be the book of the year!  I was still waxing effusively over Wonder as I followed my daily Twitter PD feed and kept hearing again and again references to The One and Only Ivan

To be honest, I still had a STACK of real, paper books on the shelf lined up and more books downloaded on my Kindle than I care to admit, and the signs of summer's end were painfully evident as I went once more to Amazon and did that dastardly deed know as "One Click Ordering."  One of the not so great side effects  of hanging out over at Two Writing Teachers and following my peeps on Twitter is that these people, with great suggestions, "encourage" me (and I willinging follow) to spend lots of money to buy lots and lots of books !

I was planning to head to school to set up the classroom as I opened that box that late August morning; however, I decided to do just a chapter before heading to school.........You know, by now, that I never made it to school that day.  I don't think I ever showered.  I don't think I ever even made iced tea.  I was transformed and moved a year of some pretty great books, it's deserving of all the accolades it is getting! 

So today, I would like to publically thank TWT, Twitter, the Nerdy Book Club and Amazon's One Click Ordering for bringing me Wonder and Ivan and encouraging me to read some pretty amazing books!  I am very grateful to have found you leaders of spending - even if the old bank account is feeling the pain!

2013 Medal Winner

 The 2013 Newbery Medal winner is The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, published by HarperCollins Children's Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers


Nanc said...

I was able to watch part of the live stream yesterday. I was so happy about Ivan. I would have loved if Wonder would have gotten the recognition...the book that every person in America should read. I need to learn how to Twitter. XO nanc

elsie said...

Hanging out with readers and writers is a detriment to one's bank account. But the flip side is you have so many wonderful thoughts of other lives you've experienced from the books. Can you really put a price on that?

maria.selke said...

Oh, so very true! I felt so much more connected to the world of great children's lit this year.

But when I sat down to categorize my spending for last year, I could really tell it had impacted my wallet too *chuckles*

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I wish I could get the hang of Twitter, it does sound like a wonderful avenue for PD. I was thrilled about Ivan, too.....and Wonder remains one of my all time favorites.

Jaana said...

"The One and Only" just went to my wishlist on Amazon! Thank you!

Cathy said...

Oh that Amazon One Click button gets me in trouble all of the time.


Ramona said...

We loved watching the live feed of the awards. Wonder was my student's first choice, followed by The One and Only Ivan. Our third choice, The Lions of Little Rock, didn't get any awards, but we still love it. It's fun to see the excitement of my 6th graders for the awards.

Amy Rudd said...

Ivan is still in my TBR pile! Ugh! I am proud to say I own some of these award winners this year because of The Nerdy Book Club recs! There just isn't enough time!

JenniferM said...

You're the opposite of me -- I love to read "fun" books to share with my students during the school year, and I do most of my professional reading over the breaks. I already think about school practically nonstop during the school year anyway, so it feels like a chore to read for PD then too. However, literature offers a great escape and so many chances to connect with my students, so I drink it up on school days and leave the heavier reading to my breaks. I loved Wonder also, although Ivan is still on my "to-read" list!