Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh How I Long For Slice of Biscotti

It's been 10 days now that I have totally stuck to the plan to change the ecosystem that lurks in my arteries and send those lab numbers down so others say, "Wow!"  I still long for those post Christmas mornings when a slice or two (or three) of cranberry, cornmeal or chocolate biscotti dipped in hot coffee was my SOL (slice of life).  I still dream of the days when bruscetta covered pita chips were my evening SOL.  I still dream of bits of panacea in my Saturday morning omelet and lobster dipped in melted butter on hot summer nights; however, these days, my new obsession, thanks to the ad people at Quaker Oats and ol' Walter Brennan, is a gluey, glob of oatmeal. I'm not losing weight over this dietary change, perhaps because I need to smother that gluey glob in dried cranberries, raisins, blueberries and cinnamon sugar; however, I am focusing on the medicinal value of a time honored breakfast treat to work it's magic and lower the effects of years of breakfast bars in the car and vacations spent with biscotti dipped in coffee.

Most mornings, I find myself quoting Theodore Gisele, as I say my

Ode to Oatmeal
I do not like it in my dish
It tastes like a glob of day old fish,
It's a little better with lots of Craisins,
It's a little better with tons of raisins.
I can swallow it with heaps of blueberries,
I like it a wee bit with expensive dried cherries. 
I will eat it because it is good for me.
I will swallow it even if it tastes a bit nasty to me! 


elsie said...

Have you tried steel cut oats? They are not quite so gluey. I do like your additions, but I require brown sugar. Here's another thought, Swiss Museli, it's a great way to get your oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit. (

Nanc said...

I love your opening line so much because I can totally connect. However, I can say for me...only one day....why does the chocolate lure? Why is so magical? Your Seuss like poem was terrific- totally laughing right now. XO nanc

Anonymous said...

I like it a wee bit with expensive dried cherries...well, at least since the expensive cherries don't make it much better, you won't be spending much on them! Hope when the numbers slide downward, you will be thinking Wow! too.

writekimwrite said...

I LOVE oatmeal (you can read here if you want to know how much ). So I am hoping that that even though it is NOT love at first or second or third bite that just like in Green Eggs and Ham you will eventually be completely won over! I like to picture you joyfully taking your morning nourishment! :)

Carol said...

You made me laugh! I'm trying to de-sugar after the holidays! And I do not like it one bit!

Amy Rudd said...

I know how disgusting oatmeal tastes to me...but if it makes your innerds better then it's the right thing to do.
My hubby eats it quite frequently-I'll stick with my english muffins and peanut butter.
Your seussian-like poem cracked me up! :)
May your next dose of medicine go down smoothly! Ugh!

Linda B said...

I've discovered red-mill 7 grain, much better & hopefully will do the trick, Anita. Sorry for the loss of the biscotti-yum! You've made a good goal sound both sad & funny. Good writing!