Friday, January 25, 2013

Memoirs: What are they?

Last week, my Great Grad Writing Project Team write personal narrative texts that blew me away with their creativity and craftful writing.  This week, they are challenged to do it again with a bit of a memoir!

Writing memoirs means writing about parts of your life as a means to reflect on those experiences.  There are endless types of memoirs ranging from those that describe places, Eat, Pray, Love to those that talk about a person, Thank You Mr. Falkner., to those that talk about an event, Fireflies.  

* A memoir is a story about one event that happened to the writer. 
* There is emotion: happy, sad, mad, etc. 
* The author reflects on how the event was important / it impacted their life. 
* Looking through old photos and family artifacts is a good way to begin/

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