Sunday, January 27, 2013

On the Night Before the Newbery

Every year, including last year, in the days before I joined the 21st Century PD on Twitter, I usually noticed some days after the event that the Newbery Awards were announced by a usually microscopic section of the "National News" page of my local paper! I missed the announcement more than once I am sure and when I did I could always count on some ads in the Reading Teacher Journal to let me know what I had won and what I should read!  It was not a big deal that I did not know because it was never an option to be on the front line! 
This year, it's a brave new wonderful world of PD for me as I have been thinking about the Newbery Awards for several weeks!  I even have my own favorite book of the year that I hope might just have a chance to win....and how cool would that be!  AND, now I know a little more about the whole process!  CHECK THIS OUT!
Monica Edinger suggests some important things to keep in mind:
1. It is not just popularity! 
2. It's the opinions of just 15 people the determine the Newberry! 
3. They are looking at books that span all children's literature! 
4. They consider ALL genre!

So no matter what.....I'll sit here celebrating what I think just might be the best children's book of 2012

.The One and Only Ivan

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