Monday, October 14, 2013

A not so perfect, yet perfect fall day.

On a picture perfect day, filled with sunshine and decorated by autumn's pallet, we attempted a Bik-athon (26 miles) on a newly opened trail.  The day did not go as planned; however, it was filled with many Slices of Life!

  • I could write about the very late start (caregiving issues),
  • OR about the near perfect weather and Crayola infused leaves that fluttered in the breeze. 
  • I could write about a the incredibly crowded path,
  • OR about the magnificent bridge over a busy road. 
  • I could write about the crisp air on my face,
  •  OR about the flat tire(s) that eliminated "gliding" and added "walking" to my plans.   
  • I could write about people, of all shapes, sizes, ages, kinds who clogged the walkway,
  • OR about the magical way they orchestrated into an October dance with the falling leaves.
  • I could write about the breadth of humanity in strollers (single, double, triple, quadruple), wheelchairs, with canes and walkers,
  • OR of the children, skateboarders, dogs, and joggers who shared the path with walkers, photographers, sketchers, painters, lovers, and leaf peepers.
  • I could write about the young man, the one I almost ran over,
  • OR I could write of him dropping to his knees in the middle of a Walkway over the Hudson to ask his girlfriend, "If I was a pauper and you were a lady, would you marry me?
  • I could write about the geese dropping into a pond or the deer that crossed as October's darkness,
  • OR that we returned home safely in spite of many changes to our plans.    
  • I could write about carefully noting the time and turning back before darkness,
  • OR about living, for at least a moment, on the "wild side" and pushing ourselves.
  • I could have written about being worried about how we would get back,
  • OR about trusting that things would "work out" just fine, in time!
  • I could have written about being frustrated for what we did not do,
  • OR about being grateful that we returned home tired but safely in spite of the challenges!
It was a long and not so perfect day in many ways; yet, it was also a perfect day intermingling with diverse people, animals, and falling leaves seeking respite in the magic of a fall afternoon, aware that this would indeed be remembered as a good day, during the cold, dark winter on the horizon.   


Carol said...

Holy cow! Sounds like there really were a lot of slices in this Slice of Life ride! My favorite is the proposal! What a great way to ask!

BK said...

Ha, I love your slicing list. I went back and forth with it and realized that one day is filled with slices. And all those slices can be one.
Loved it.
I'm stealing your model,

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful when life throws us a curve? Well, only if we do as you did, and enjoy the ride. Love the Crayola infused leaves!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Crayola infused leaves that fluttered in the breeze...
LOVE that line!

Stacey said...

Mmmm. I love this format, Anita. I want to try it soon!

LInda Baie said...

Loved the way you told us so much, but still kept it clear & simple, Anita. What a glorious day it seems you had, but not what you expected at all! Love that proposal you say-sweet, sweet!

elsie said...

What a bike ride you had! Yes, the Crayola leaves caught my attention too. You packed a lot in so few lines, makes me want to know the ins and outs of your ups and downs.

Kay said...

That sounds like quite a bike ride. I want to read about the young man you almost ran over as he dropped down to propose to his love!

dmurph08 said...

This is great - I love all of the noticings! This format is great - I'd love to share it with my students. I think they would really like this format.