Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reflection on Closely Reading and Falling in Love

Over at TWT, many of us post weekly excerpts from our lives and our classrooms.  It's cathartic to have a caring audience and thus we often share our successes and our failures knowing that others embrace the trials and tribulations that are part of life.  One of the regular contributors, Nancy Ellen, who writes at wrote a memoir about a close reading teaching experience this week. 

She shared the challenge many of us feel as we embrace so much "newness" right now.  She describes how new ways to teach math, in some schools, have taken the lead,  leaving ELA strategies waiting patiently in the wings.

She shared the tension that surrounds picking just the write book for close reading. You've got to love it, but also to know it in light of your audience.  It's more than a "read aloud."  If we're doing it right, you'll leave your students begging for more!

I too love the idea of reading deeply and looking closely at texts. When you read with wild abandon, you see a lot; yet when you read deeply, you might just fall in love!

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