Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Day CCSS, TCRWP, and APPR met

It started off a bit melancholy as I came to terms with the after effects of a Friday night on-the highway tire failure-pot hole leaving my car disabled and me with Saturday must-dos rather than a want-to-do (TCRWP).

With a little time (before the repair shop opened), I started reading this fall's American Educator.  It often has articles that get you thinking, but to be honest, they can be a bit long and boring (for my emerging Twitter mentality).  Yet over coffee, I became embroiled in Tim Shanahan's article  that poked holes in what I say to students and to my graduate students and made question and ponder the essence of what I propose is best practice teaching of reading in the 21st Century.  At times I sat scratching my head; yet, at other times, I deeply reflected on my own practice, what I see in classrooms, and what I hear in discussions with teachers.

Then, as I logged onto Twitter to scan the feed of my colleagues at TCRWP, I realized the Lucy Calkins et. al had already interacted with and joined forces with Charlotte Danielson of teacher evaluation (APPR in NYS) fame.

I will, soon, respond deeply to Shanahan's article, after I have read it more closely :)

For now, suffice it to say, that even though I am stuck in Stormville, I know Danielson and Calkins met, talked, and "broke bread."

This morning, while I was stuck in Stormville, the CCSS, TCRWP and APPR met and interacted!

This morning, I am confident that when the itching and scratching and poking of holes slows, the reflective process will lead to stronger teaching and teachers everywhere.

This morning, the day that CCSS, TCRWP and APPR met (at least in my head), I am not in my comfort zone; however, I am reminded that we are really learners when we are a bit outside of our comfort zone! 


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