Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You Look Like The President-General

"You look just like the President," his classmate observed.

"Nah," said another boy earnestly, "he looks like a General."

"A President-General would wear a camo-tie like that," another child, one who can summarize things succinctly, observed as he studied the not-typical-for-school and just-for-photo-day outfit.

I looked closely at them, sort-of-lined-up, yet moving constantly like human Gumbies dressed in their photo day best, yet disheveled by the joy of outside recess on a fine, fall Friday.

The child, whose outfit was the source of their conversation, was indeed wearing a very wrinkled, before-recess-white shirt and the remains of his clip-on-camouflage-tie hung precariously from his collar. 

I smiled as I headed the Gumbies into a sort-of line down the stairs and back to their classroom thinking the "look" might indeed have been like The President after a long, hard day in office; however, the energy level of 6 year-olds is something The President (and the rest of us) can only dream of finding! 

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