Saturday, January 11, 2014

#celebratelu: Thank Goodness

It's been a bitter cold, snow and ice filled week on the mountain; yet thanks to Ruth, I've noticed there is much to celebrate!
Discover. Play. Build.

My refrigerator was safe from snowy afternoon invaders!   Thank goodness, as some of us have a few "cookie-related" pounds to lose!

Several of my reluctant writers took off with a quick, but engaging, publishing project after reading a short informational text about grasshoppers.  They "read a text closely" and were able to make the "connection" to between the name and what grasshoppers do-where they live- what they eat!  Then, we responded to the text using a graphic organizer.  That was the end of my plans for that story.

Thank goodness I was able to morph my plans and capture the "teachable moment" when they asked to make books about grasshoppers!  The joy on their faces was a reminder that "listening" to our students is really part of "formative assessment" and an essential component of  "engaging" our learners!


LInda Baie said...

I think you could make a terrific chart of those highlighted words, Anita-so right for the process! "read a text closely", "connect", "respond", use "teachable moment" and "LISTEN". Perhaps that final one could be the title! Happy to hear all about this!

Terje said...

Student initiative is great. Wonderful that you were able to go with it.

Julieanne said...

What great informational writers you have there. Sometimes quick and responsive is the best kind of teaching. They had success right there! Stopping and listening wonderful. Great celebration. Thank you for sharing.

Leigh Anne said...

I love it when teachable moments lead to new discoveries and new learning. It's stories like this that let us realize that changing plans is OK.

Ruth Ayres said...

I think enticing writers is ALWAYS worthy celebration. I love how you were intentional on a whim and gave kids a chance to be excited about writing.

Holly Mueller said...

I love that your students got excited about a topic, and that you responded with flexibility and willingness to let them go with their ideas! That's what learning is all about!