Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#sol14 The Day Mother Nature Called

 The sun came out,
We swarmed, like lemmings,
Climbing up the mountain
As if our lives depended on it.
Surely, there was schoolwork to do,
Spring cleaning pending,
Gardens to be tended.
Surely, we were out of shape.
Yet, Mother Nature's call
Was loud and clear,
"Come all ye burdened by winter's wrath.
Climb through babbling brooks,
Past the snowy remains,
I promise
You will leave burdens behind,
Find breathtaking views,
Be reminded of hope,
Find spring." 
We did. 


Michele Knott said...

I love that moment of forgetting to do everything you need to do so you can be outside just because it's warm! You captured it well!

LInda Baie said...

Exactly, perfectly right-ah-h-h! So nice to feel the warmth, so nice not to wear a winter coat. Thanks Anita!

elsie said...

Hopefully there will be more of these days in your future. You were able to convey the desperate need for this hike. Glad you took advantage of the day.