Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#sol14 Reflecting on the Journey

On the last, quiet leg of the trip,
I reflected
On the journey,
On the signs.
I thought of the daffodils
(I've watched many)
Dancing in the breeze,
Treasured signs of warmth, hope, 
I thought about Peeps
(I've bought a few)
Even if rarely eaten, they are
Treasured signs of sunshine, sweetness,
I thought about Easton bats,
(I've bought quite a few)
For baseball and softball fanatics,
Coveted and treasured tools of   
Spring and Summer, too.
Liberty Stadium Seats, Lincoln County High School,  West Virginia by Preferred Bleachers and Theater Seating
I thought about stadium seating,
(I've sat in a few)
It's where memories are made,
Photos taken, 
Treasured spots for hugs, cheers and tears,
On bright Spring mornings,
On hot Summer nights,
On delightful Fall days,
 On crispy cold, Winter afternoons, too. 


Bernadette Laganella said...

Great post. All the harbingers of warm weather.

Loralee said...

My favorite part is the memories in the stands! Love how you captured it!