Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#sol14 Day 32, A Test In Your Pocket?

April 1st
It's Poetry Month
Put a poem in your pocket,
Put some poetry books on the shelf,
Put some punch in your writing,
Band together to celebrate,
A glorious month of reading,
Writing and thinking
In verse, prose, 
Filled with similes, metaphors, 
Powerful phrases,
Don't worry about sentences
We used to say.

April 1st
It's time for the ELA 
Put a pencil in your pocket,
Focus on close reading,
Turn those questions around.
Think about the genre,
Author's purpose, sequence of events
How those characters' change.
Remember to reread.
Just do your best, 
On that test
We'll say.

April 1st
We'll fill the rest of the day
With poems, riddles, jokes,
April Fools laughs cascading
Down the halls
It's fun,
Those silly jokes,
Slices of life,
We'll say.  


Jaana said...

Wonderful way to begin poetry month! "Put some punch in your writing" is the phrase that resonates with me this morning!

LInda Baie said...

Love this all-encompassing capture of the month to come. It makes one read it fast, jumping around & celebrating already, Anita! Hurrah for April-hope you have a few jokes for today!

Tara Smith said...

Now, I am really looking forward to April! Thanks for this, Anita!

Bonnie K. said...

I like what comes when the dumb test is over :)