Monday, January 26, 2015

#sol2105 To like or perhaps even to love what you do.

It's not so much do what you like, 
as it is that you like what you do.” 
I went to the theater,
Way, way, way off Broadway,
Way, way, way up in an old barn.
On a snowy, cold winter evening.
As you can see, 
There was not much of a crowd.
Yet, the artists sang for hours
Just like they do on Broadway.

The play was fabulous,
George and Marie made 
Lasting impressions,
Characters from the classic painting,
Walking out of the painting,
Embracing the challenges, trials
Of life in the 1800s and today. 

Watching their passion,
Listening to their hearts,
I thought about 
The power of art and artists,
Singing, dancing, cooking, writing, 
Knitting, sewing, gardening, painting, 
Photographing, building, molding, 
Using their hands, voices, hearts, to create
Images from their hearts.

It was clear,
To all of us,
On that cold winter night,
They love what they do
And if you do love what you do,
It shines through.  


Tammy and Clare said...

Thank you for sharing this poem. I love the message - Do what you love -Spend time enjoying your passions. What a perfect poem for a snow day

digitalbonnie said...

I"m right with you Anita. My old passion that never leaves me and the farther away from Broadway, the most exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

"Sunday" is one of my favorite musicals. Not all great actors appear on Broadway. Looking at community theaters you see just as talented, passionate, and dedicated performers.

Tara Smith said...

And if you do love what you do,
It shines through.
Love this post, Anita - this is the mantra that gets me through the school day in my building. I love teaching, I love the for the rest, they can just please get out of my way.

LInda Baie said...

I'd love to have been there watching and listening too, Anita. Thanks for the sweet poem, and the good advice. I do love what I do, will miss it someday.

Dana Murphy said...

Beautiful poem and an important message. I've been thinking about this a lot lately - do I still love what I do? You wrote about it more eloquently than I ever could!