Friday, January 30, 2015

#Edweek'stweet The Pressures Our Students Feel

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This is a an opinion piece by Thomas Bonnell, a NYC administrator, about what might be a growing concern in our schools: kids who are afraid to fail.  As I read this short piece, my mind raced to my students, my former students, my former grad students who are teachers and those who are with me now and want to be teachers and I think about their workload, often much greater than I could ever imagine.

As we move into the second half of the school year (that will begin next week in my part of the world) let's all try to remember that we still have another 5 months with our students. We have more than enough time to show them the strategies they will need on the high stakes tests.  We have more than enough time to work with those who are just catching on to the curriculum or the language.  We have 5 months to guide their passions and plant seeds of life long learning.  Let's make sure we remember to focus on that will endure rather than on details to be forgotten.

"Part of our professional obligation as a school is to be mindful of the total workload we place upon our students' shoulder." 

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