Sunday, February 1, 2015

Reading Took Me to Poetweet

Thanks to Kevin, I once again got sidetracked on my mission to finish a grad school class power point!  Well in theory I can blame him but on the other side of the coin I was focusing my lecture/class on how reading and writing lead you places!  So, in essence I was doing what I will be talking about!

Here is Kevin's find:

It's called POETWEET

While it's really a bit of a scramble of words taken from random tweets that might or might not be related, it was fun and I did it a few times to see the infinite way the computer app played with MY words.
While it MIGHT actually suggest that poetry is RANDOM words thrown together in grammatically relevant forms, it MIGHT have SOME value in teaching students what poetry IS and what it is IS NOT.
It is also just a fun way to promote reading and writing.

Yet, fnding a random word poetry generator on the same morning that Google features Langston Hughes as it's Google Hero is a bit of a "stretch."  Yet, I certainly have evidence that questioning our thinking and reading take up "places."

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Stacey said...

I missed Kevin's tweet, so I'm glad I found this post. Can't wait to try out Poetweet. Thanks Anita!