Thursday, February 26, 2015

Signs, signs, signs....

This weekend, the month-long writing every-single-day challenge kicks off; 
thus, it would probably be smart to "save" all these Grand Canyon epiphanies 
in order to fill up a month of writing!  
However, I'm going to consider posts prior to March 1st as my "warm up posts." 
Sort of like practice or preparation for the "big game."
I got SO excited when I first saw a sign about the Grand Canyon,
I took a picture of the sign!
Seriously, I was headed to one of the most incredible sights in America,
A place I knew had indescribable wonders;
Yet I took a picture of the highway sign.  
I suspect I have spent too many hours on Interstates!

Later on the trail.
We got excited when we got to Skeleton Point.
Clearly, I am no skeleton" even after having hiked for hours and hours and hours
in the blazing sun carrying a backpack!
Yet, the naming of the point on the trail was significant. 
I suspect that long ago prospectors often "kicked the bucket" on the way down
through the long, hot, lonely switchbacks of the desert canyon.
Later, their skeletons were all that was left.
We brought a lot of water and some electrolytes to prevent such a fate.

Then there was this sign on the way down.
It indicated a long way to Phantom Ranch,
Yet it was 6 hours into our journey.
We wanted to believe the sign was wrong.
Could we make it to the Phantom Ranch before dinner?
We were not sure.
We were scared.
We tried to pick up our pace.
There were no more breaks.
We were focused and determined.

We made it,to the Ranch, late.
(They were kind and let us eat dinner)
We depend on signs.  
Not just when we are hiking in the desert canyon, 

I guess, as I reflect, 
I took picture of signs because I realized 
Signs are indicators of where we are, 
Where we have been,
Where we are,
Where we are going.

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