Sunday, February 15, 2015

SOL#2015 Good Luck: You're Gonna Need It!

Last February, overwhelmed with awareness that our days are limited and determined to find joy in our days, we decided to go on a grand adventure!  We made reservations, promised to remember, and looked ahead.

This February, overwhelmed with endless snow and care-giving, fully aware of bad knees, crackling backs, aging bodies, and ebbing energy, we could have reconsidered this plan and headed to a pampering spa, instead. Yet, the pull of this grand adventure was stronger than the many reasons to not go.

Those "two little words" reverberated in my head as I got new hiking boots.  I went with beautiful blue ones, rather than sturdy leather ones.  These new books will likely not last a lifetime, but I will likely not be headed on this adventure again.  So, "Why not," I thought.  I went with a bright red day pack rather than use my old gray one thinking, "Why not?"  When I had all but given up hope on the care-giving front, some divine intervention must have taken place and a new care-giver arrived on the scene ready and able to provide mid-week support. "Why not?" I said to myself once again. Even as another ominous storm appears to roll up the coast threatening our flight, there were forecasters assuring us that it would be only 1-3.  So, "Why not?" I said to myself once again

So, when SOL posts pop Tuesday morning, I will be off on a grand adventure. I have those new boots, poles and even a head lamp (my partner in crime says I will need this) packed.  We have water bladders (? seriously), waterproof jackets, ice packs, and knee braces. We'll also pack a few books, because after all we are "Reading Teachers" and that is what we do when we are on "vacation." We're as ready as we will ever be for this grand adventure.  Why not?

It helps to be a bit philosophical about this crazy, grand adventure. "People older than us have done thisHow bad can it be?"  "Life is filled with challenges and adventures, the grand and wondrous ones are the most scary and yet the most worthwhile."

As we prepared for this school-break, there was discussion of plans.  Usually I talk about cleaning closets and crafting.  Usually I sigh as I listen to talk of warm destinations and skiing adventures. This year I had plans that were a bit out of the ordinary and so we took a virtual hike!

One young student patted me on the shoulder as he left (probably for a week at Disney) saying, "Good Luck," and then adding, sincerely, with a smile, "you're gonna need it."  I smiled appreciating his concern but thinking to myself, "You have to take some risks along the trail of life if you want to live life to its full potential. Why not hike the Grand Canyon this week?"

PS If I can find the guts to carefully take out my camera along the trail, I'll take some pictures to prove that we make it.  If not, you'll just have to "trust" my stories just like I'm trusting that I'm gonna be fine!  


Carol Wilcox said...

Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! You are going to have a Grand time!

Stacey said...

Enjoy these adventures!

In the meantime, I'll consider asking "why not?"

Tara Smith said...

Why not, indeed! Can't wait to read of your adventures, Anita.

fireflytrails said...

Wow! This IS a grand adventure. I loved the way you led us into the story, too. Enjoy every minute and tell us all about it as soon as you can!

Crystal Brunelle said...

How fun. I hope you have a fabulous adventure. :)

Amy Rudd said...

Good luck you're going to need precious. Enjoy your trip-Why not? Love your post and your plans!

Dana Murphy said...

This. Is. Awesome. I admire you and envy you in equal parts. Have the time of your life. WHY NOT?