Saturday, February 7, 2015

@celebratelu Forces That Keep Me Balanced

Last week, I never got around to posting. I was busy, stressed, consumed with elder care and trying, hoping and praying that the storm bearing down on us would be easier (on them) than the week before, yet, I thought of how I really had a celebrate post in my crazy life experience! This week, even though there is another storm bearing down on us, things are brighter and a wee bit easier.
So this week , I want to CELEBRATE some of the "forces, inspirations, and caregivers" that make me smile, even when I feel differently, and keep me balanced over the rocky terrain.
  • Family and Friends all of FB and Twitter
I joined FB and Twitter, initially, at the urging of family and friends and yet I could never have imagined the power of an image of a great game, a pile of snow, or of a pup napping on a cold dark, dreary morning.  Keep them coming!

  • Humans of New York
I am not sure when these links started showing up on my FB page, but there are stories of teachers, people, leaders and humans that are changing the world one action at a time every day.  It's a reminder that everything we say and do matters.  It's a reminder, to me, to look beyond myself.  

  • StoryPeople by Brian Andreas
I am sure where my links to Story People began (thanks Sandi) and since I love a catchy line, a powerful image created by words, and a good short story, I am grateful for these images and ideas that filter in through FB to make my think and smile.

  • Home Health Care Providers like Senior Helpers
At times in our lives, we need a little help.  Asking, accepting, and acknowledging the need are all challenging and I don't think I will be a roll model of what to do when I am lucky enough to get to that stage of life; however, like tests and taxes, aging is part of life!  I am VERY grateful for a new caregiver who has joined my circle of support.  She listens, cleans, cooks, and is there for my mother now.  Everyone is happier and I get to be a daughter, again! 
  •  Ruth Ayers and Two Writing Teachers
I am very grateful for these writing forums that "give me permission" to take a few minutes and write because even though it took me a long time to practice what I preach, writing really is our link to reading, thinking and comprehension (of our always complex lives filled with many intersecting identities).


Ramona said...

So glad that Senior Helpers is there for you. I have a good friend who is caring full-time for her mother. Maybe I need to see if they are available to allow her to get out a bit. Isn't it great to have so many forces to keep us balanced, all at the click of a computer key? Glad you get to be a daughter again. Have a great weekend!

Amy Rudd said...

I will check for senior care givers in my area! I think my parents need this. Thank you for sharing about your week. Hoping all goes well.

LInda Baie said...

I'm so happy that your new caregiver is a good help, Anita. I've been thinking of you in that special challenge. I love Brian Andreas, didn't know that I could get FB feeds from him, so thanks so much for sharing that. Sounds as if you did have some good things to celebrate!

Kendra said...

Anita-I love these perspectives. Sometimes, when I need to just "check out" for a minute-it's the ideas on social media that keep me going. I'm Obsessed with Humans of New York. The school story is my new favorite thing ever! I'm going to start calling my students "scholars" as a result. I absolutely love having this in my feed. I'm so glad we can celebrate your caregivers. They made such an impact on my parents and Grandmother as Mom and Dad gave in-home care. People to celebrate indeed! Take care!