Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#SOL2015 Just Say No to Meetings

"I missed you," she smiled as she made her way towards me and offered a bear-hug greeting.
"I missed you, too," I responded, meaning it, even though we had read together just two days earlier!

"Where were you?" she asked as if I had been on an extended spring break excursion!
"I was in a meeting yesterday," I said making a sad face.
"Too many meetings," she said shaking her head as she headed down the hallway. "You should just say, NO!"
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I smiled as I walked behind her. I had only missed one session, but she had noticed!  I quickened my pace and caught up with her so as not to waste a minute.  Our conversation turned to letters and sounds as we headed up to the Reading Club Room.  

As we talked, I wondered, would she remember the story we had worked on two days before?  Would she still be able to blend those sounds into words as she had begun doing during that last session?  

As we walked, I thought about the benefits of PD..
As we walked, I smiled because as the old saying goes, "Out of the mouths of babes!"  
As we walked, I smiled thinking of that old slogan, long ago, determined to protect our kids from substance abuse!  

"Can we read now?" she asked.
"Yes," I smiled, "we can read, now."   


Tara Smith said...

Funny! I love PD events, too, they nourish my teaching soul. But, my kids say the same thing, too. :)

Stacey said...

Ace Greenberg, who was the Chairman of Bear Stearns (once upon a time) didn't believe in long meetings. In case you aren't familiar with him, here's his obit: (I was a summer intern at Bear when I was in college. I never went to a single meeting.)

Carol said...

I totally agree with your little friend! I didn't become a teacher so I could go to meetings, but I sure go to a lot of them! Sounds like the two of you have a really special friendship!

Michelle said...

Oh, I get grilled all the time too! Our kiddos know the schedule and are not too happy when there is an interruption. That's a special relationship you have created with her. Such a sweet story.

Valerie said...

I love your story. I felt like I was standing close by and able to listen in. I agree with your reader, too many meetings! Sometimes I just want to TEACH without all the meetings.

Loralee said...

You have captured a sweet moment.