Sunday, March 1, 2015

#sol15 March 1 Pulse Racing, Game-Day Excited

"We're at the gate!"
Some have run this gauntlet before,
Some are newbies,
All are wondering if they will make it
To the finish line.

"Why not?"
It's possible
To let laundry pile a bit higher,
To let dust balls roll 
Without fear of the parked Shark,
Keeping your eyes on posts.

It's possible 

To squeeze more into each day.
To mine posts from commuting, care-giving,
From moments of marriage, mothering,
From snippets of teaching struggling readers, 
From glimpses of grad students, 
Who want to be great teachers.

Each March, we capture moments
With cursors
Share thoughts and ideas
With fellow Slicers
Every single day.

We're driven to write, 

Promise to respond, 
Committed to comment,
We're off 
To write like writers,
To remember what our students need.

Today is the day
Our cursors are waiting,
Be on your way!
(As Suess would say)


Fran said...

Great poem with lots of details to encourage other "slicers"! What a great start!

Tara Smith said...

Oh, I love this - a slicer poem sure to inspire!

Kimberley said...

Perfect poem for me as I just made a list of things to get done today with my 2 children in tow and my husband away. Then I put away my list and sat down to write instead.

LInda Baie said...

I've been thinking of Dr. Seuss's birthday & here you are with a wonderful poem a la Seuss! Love it, especially "we capture moments
With cursors"-so funny. May your dust balls be few, Anita!

Dana Murphy said...

I love this poem, Anita! I laughed out loud at the sneering Shark vacuum. Don't judge me, vacuum!

You're right that many of us worry about not making it to the finish line. I know we can do it!

BK said...

Love you kick off Anita.
I am so with you.
So happy to being again.

Ruth Ayres said...

A perfect way to ring in March, Anita. I'm glad you are writing.

Michelle said...

Love your kick-off poem! Just perfect -- and oh so true!!! Squeeze in what you can, when you can. Happy writing!

Donna Smith said...

And away we go!
Forget all that junk to do.
There's a month of adventure and sharing and caring ahead of us...
Laundry can wait until April.