Sunday, March 22, 2015

#sol15 March 22 I can hear you!

"I changed the batteries, turned up the volume, but she just can't hear anymore," her caregiver observed back in January.  "The TV is up to 25They can hear it next door!".

So began the winter odyssey to hear, again. Betsy, the miracle worker at Hearing Solutions, is local two days a week. Sometimes, it snowed, or it had snowed, or the cold was record breaking, or the ice was too much for the wheelchair. Make an appointment; then cancel,.  So, I waited until the first day of spring. Surely, we'd be easily able to get out, I foolishly thought.

It started snowing as I arrived and I really thought she would say, "I'm not going out." She had not been out since November!  Instead, she sheepishly asked, "Do you think we can make it?"

"Let's go," I smiled as I put her jacket around her and pulled a blanket over her lap.

Fifteen minutes after we arrived, we headed to the car talking in normal decibels.
That was thirty seconds after I promised to come back for a tune up in 3-4 months.
One minutes after Aunt Gert said, "Thank you so much," to Betsy.
Two minutes after we put on her coat.
Three minutes after Aunt Gert laughed and said, "Crackling oat bran."
Four minutes after Betsy, checking the hearing asked, "What did you have for breakfast?"
Five minutes after she said excitedly, "That's better, I can hear you fine."
Six minutes after Betsy said in a normal tone, "Let's see how this works."
Seven minutes after Betsy put the adjusted hearing aids back into her ears.
Eight minutes after the hearing aids were on the computer being re-calibrated.
Nine minutes after Betsy checked out the hearing aids.
Ten minutes after Betsy said, "No problem."
Eleven minutes after Betsy took the hearing aids out while listening to us.
Twelve minuets after we explained the problem.
Thirteen minutes after Betsy said sincerely to Aunt Gert, "It's good to see you."
Fourteen minutes after we took off her winter gear and blankets.
Fifteen minutes after we arrived in the snow.
Twenty minuets after I "bribed" her with Optimum Showtime Movies.

Hearing Aid Specialists in Yonkers and Yorktown Heights, NY

Thanks Betsy for what you do so well!


Lee Ann Spillane said...

I love the minutes and the seemingness of the countdown. Time is precious.

Michelle Haseltine said...

I agree with Lee Ann. I love how this story is written. Thank goodness for people like Betsy. I'm so glad things are better! :)

LInda Baie said...

Wonderful to "hear" that despite the now, you and your Aunt Gert got out, and the visit was such a success. Love the clever way you told us, Anita.

Melanie Meehan said...

It's like a countdown to a miracle! GOod for you for making her get in the car and head out, even in the snow!

Carol Varsalona said...

What a delightful story that makes me remember hearing aid incidences with my own mother. People who care for the elderly are amazingly patient people. I think you exhibited that trait.

Anonymous said...

The minute by minute description really brought out how amazing Betsy is. And it was a great contrast to the many delays. And the loving relationship between you and Aunt Gert shone through the details- "show don't tell" worked very well in this peice.

Maureen said...

Oh, my, what dears you and Betsy are for Aunt Gert. Wow, this is such a common and difficult issue for seniors. So glad that Aunt Gert has you!!!!

Red Emma said...

oh, the weather has been so awful this year, and I really sympathize with your efforts with your Aunt Gert. I've faced similar situations with my moderately disabled husband this winter, who can't go out if it's too windy or snow or slush on the streets. Maybe your aunt was feeling just a bit stir-crazy herself not having been out since November.