Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#sol15 March 11 Those kids

Those kids
The ones that tie their shoes
While you teach mini-lessons.
The ones who look at pictures
During Readers' Workshop,
Who read the same page,
Sort of, again and again.
The ones who go to the bathroom
During Writers' Workshop,
Who sharpen their pencils, 
Talk to anyone who will listen.
The ones who don't have
Their homework, their lunch.
The ones who laugh too loud,
Giggle and complain too much,
Cry too easily.
The ones who say,
"I can't do that,"
"I don't know,"
"I have nothing to write about,"
"I didn't read, do my homework,
Go to bed on time last night."
Those kids
The ones who exasperate,,
Challenge, avoid, cling to us, 
Those are the kids 
Who need us the most.


Marcie R said...

The truth! What a great way to share that point. Love that perspective, too.

LInda Baie said...

And we work and work with them, for them. Tough cookies I call them. You are so right, Anita, they need the nurturing.

Theresa Narvesen said...

Excellent poem and perspective. They are so often called "those kids", but "those kids" are the ones who need our attention and focus. You're exactly the kind of loving, attentive teacher they need.

Mary Ann Reilly said...

I sometimes I wonder if we don't need them equally. Love the specificity in the poem. I've know each and every child you describe...


Tara Smith said...

You bet - but I see truth in Mary's comment, too - we need them too.

elsie said...

I've seen too many of those kids, and they end up being the ones that grab my heart and hold on tightest. I love to see "those kids" on graduation day.

writekimwrite said...

Isn't that the exasperating truth! We need them because they push us to grow and to look beyond the obvious. They challenge me to be a better teacher and person. It is hard sometimes!

Red Emma said...

what a wonderfully succinct and vivid picture this paints. the children you describe aren't generic, I can see each one of them, and my heart goes out to them, and to you working with them. You sound like an excellent teacher.

beckymusician said...

This is so true! I thought of different students in my class right now as I read the lines. Yes, as exasperating as some of them can sometimes be, they do need us. Sometimes they even tell you this.

Anonymous said...

So, so true. Those kids are my kids, too. I can see them and they whisper their names as I read the poem. I can't be all they need, but I hope and pray to meet the needs that I can for them.