Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#sol15 March 10 A comma and an apostrophe went into a bar

I suspect the card carrying member of the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) in me is one of the reasons I love Grammarly's Tweets.

It might also be my long-standing-love-affair with information, perspectives, learning, reading, writing and thinking.

It may also be my love of words, how they sound as they roll off your tongue and how they work together to form ideas, images and perceptions in our minds..

It may be my respect for the power of punctuation to change the ideas, images and perceptions in our minds.

So this Grammarly SOL's made me smile! 
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Each and every day, Grammarly reminds me that our choices (words and punctuation) are important by posting something that makes me stop and think.  

Wouldn't it be AMAZING if we did something like this in our schools.  Perhaps a Monday morning grammar police poster, image, or even video clip as part of our morning meetings?  

Then, we could collect those posters and put them in the hallways and cafeteria? 

If it works for ME as an adult, this could work for kids? 
Just wondering..... Importance of commas.  More at: - My MS My MS


Donna Smith said...

Great posters! This past weekend I had a poor punctuation encounter on a menu. I, unfortunately, always have to bring it to someone's attention.

shogem said...

Love this. I have the sign about let's eat Grandma on my whiteboard. My 5th graders find it funny and often have a conversation about it. Your idea about having similar examples across the building would be an awesome idea.

Dogtrax said...

It's a good lesson on the value of punctuation, for sure ... let's eat grandma! (that strikes the Zombie Noir nerve these days)

Jaana said...

I think I need to create (or find) more of these posters for my ELLs!. They would love them (like I do).

Ms. Victor said...

I have recently discovered Grammarly and LOVE it! I would love to have these posters and more around the school- good reminders for students and teachers! As long as I get to keep my exclamation mark.

Tara Smith said...

I have posters like these around my classroom, Anita, which makes us all smile.

Raivenne said...

Yes, the posters work! I love the Grammarly site for this. I have relearned much or what I had forgotten thanks to their humorous, yet perfectly done posters. Your students will get many giggles while they learn from them.

Catherine said...

These are great, Anita! Thanks for giving me a chuckle.