Sunday, March 29, 2015

#sol15 March 30 Carpe Diem

Facebook must think I need some help remembering what I have done.  This morning, out of the blue, "they" posted a pictures from my trip to the Botanical Garden two years ago today!  I must admit it sent me for a loop for a minute; however, it really was a nice memory.  It was a wonderful spring day and the smell of new life was strong.  I remembered the promise of Good Friday mass later that afternoon at St, Patrick's Cathedral.
That picture led to wonder....what was I doing last year on this day? I did a quick check (thanks to writing every day in March) and the memories as well as the tears, came rushing back.  It was a day of immeasurable sadness as we learned that cancer had taken a colleague from us and from her young family. There were words (but no images) reminding me of the support and kindness from colleagues throughout the district.

Then, I did another quick blog check and found out that three years ago today, I wrote about my sister-in-law, my "mentor" in mothering and marriage.  She did not tell me what to do, she showed me. She showed me how to put a Sunday dinner on the table for 15 people in 20 minutes without having a breakdown.  She showed me how to recycle stale bread for hungry teenagers. She showed me how to do a butterfly bandage and avoid a trip to the ER. She, like my colleague, were not granted the privilege of growing old.

Then, because my mind sometimes wanders down a scary path, I began to wonder if Facebook trolls and cookies had looked at some posts and "passed them over" because they were not quite as "happy" or perhaps because they did not contain flowery images.  Life is made up of all kinds of memories that etch our hearts.  Today is a gift, with all its warts and bruises, and a bit of snow this morning! So, as they have said for centuries, Carpe Diem!


Lisa Corbett said...

Journal keeping is such a blessing, for just the reasons you explained. It is fun to go back and look at our days through the years. I have many of my grandmother's journals and I feel so lucky to be able to go back and read her thoughts!

beckymusician said...

You are so right that both the happy times and the tragic events are important parts of our lives and memories. Sometimes they are inextricably entwined. Carpe diem is right!