Thursday, March 19, 2015

#sol15 March 19 Where do stories come from?

"Have you thought about your story?" she asked me when we talked on the phone preparing for our play date.

"Of course, I'll have a story," I answered quickly thinking that in fact I did not yet have a story in my mind, but hoping I could, once again, as I am "famous" for doing, craft a story out of the events of the day and the characters in their lives. "I always do," I assured my play date. 

To be honest, there are time when I have worried that my stories will not be good enough.  Often, I can't remember the last one.  But, my girls can relate details that amaze me.

Lately, there have been more fantastical tales of princesses living in castles with moats that spurred the inventions of swimming and ice skating.. Lately, we have included more than our share of Disney Princesses in tales of family members whose names are vaguely familiar, like Auntie Anna (a merging of Frozen's hero and their Auntie).  

In the beginning, I think, they were more realistic tales of little girls eating dinner, playing and brushing their teeth, but to be honest, I can't remember for sure!  To be honest, I have wondered if soon they will not need/want my stories.  Yet, something happened last night that assured me I had planted seeds that will last until we are sharing stories of teenage angst!  .

"Do you have a story," she grinned? 

"I'm working on it I offered," I'll be ready by bedtime!  

"Well, then let me tell you a story," she offered, clutching her new yo yo in her hand.  Without awaiting my response, she began,"Once long ago, there were these princesses....."

I'm not sure I remember all the details of this story either; however I can assure you I held in the proud-happy tears as she certainly would not understand my crying over a wonderful happy tale of a princess with a magic yo-yo.  

She knows the best stories come from seeds of our lives.  


Dogtrax said...

The best stories come from seeds of our lives,
planted in winter when the ground is fallow,
hard and icy with the ravages of winter,
dormant and collecting memories
so that when the sun finally arrives,
the warmth of the tale fully blooms ...

--Kevin, stealing a line for a poem as comment.

LInda Baie said...

So, I'm mostly disappointed that I didn't get to hear that story of the princess with a yo-yo, Anita. I love the intro though. Anticipation is important too!

Stacey said...

I often worry I will run out of stories when I sit down to write. I find, though, if I keep living and paying close attention to the details of life, the stories magically appear.

Tara Smith said...

I'm with Linda - a story about a princess with a magic yo yo is exactly what I need to hear right now!

beckymusician said...

This proves that stories are magic! And storytelling is catching! Thank you for the humor and the inspiration.