Saturday, March 28, 2015

#sol15 March 28 Celebrating Breaks

This morning, as snow swirls outside my window, again, I'm celebrating breaks. We all need them.  Most of us need to work at finding ways to take breaks from jobs, the homes, commuting, family, and the busy pace of life for kids as well as for adults!.

1. Seriously, this was my view as I left my driveway yesterday, for the last day of school before spring break! I know I am not alone when I say I need a break from this snow.  It has been a winter with deep teeth that will hopefully give way to sunshine, daffodils and crocuses.

2. Seriously, our kids need a break, too.  We really work hard in school; all of us work hard in school!  I am pretty sure we all are working harder than ever before.  It's amazing and wonderful that kindergartners are reading and writing and learning and working all day long.  They are indeed like sponges and it is a joy to watch them grow.  Yet, they need a break along with those kids who will be soon facing the testing season.  If you have kids on break, I hope you give them time to get good and bored!  Let them clean out their sock drawers and read all the old books in their rooms!  Let them explore the yard in their boots and look for sights of spring.  They need a break!
not a real photo
3.  Seriously, I had already celebrated her birthday on Sunday!  Then, her caregiver asked if I could stop by on Monday (her real birthday) to celebrate, again!  I could have said I was busy; however, the short break to celebrate 92 really did bring smiles.  Whether you are 2 or 92, you should always take a break and celebrate!

4. Seriously, I am not going "anywhere" this break.  I have a house in total disarray. My "peeps" have appointments.  I need to get to the dentist and finish the taxes.  I need to shop for a few spring things (or at least sweaters in light colors given the weather).  Yet, as I play catch up THIS break, I am very glad that I went wild and crazy in Arizona on the last break!

Life is short and today (even with its snowy start) is a pretty wonderful day even if it wasn't (but it is) the first morning of Spring Break.  I will (MOST LIKELY) not have a spotless house and an organized life at the end of this break; but, I sure hope I will take breaks and celebrate life every chance I can this Break!


Jennifer Laffin said...

Sounds like you (seriously) are ready for spring break! Enjoy and don't worry about those messes!

Leigh Anne Eck said...

"Breaks of a many kind" - we all need them. Enjoy this week!

LInda Baie said...

I think my best comment back to you, Anita, is "me, too". I need the break; the kids need the break as well. Back fresh and ready for those crazy ending weeks of school. Have a marvelous week! And Happy Birthday to your mother!

elsie said...

Seriously, you sound like you are on the edge and ready to jump unless you get a break.
Seriously, enjoy your time and take your own advice to get bored and clean you sock drawer.
Have a good one Anita!

beckymusician said...

Enjoy your break! It feels good to both take time to relax and even be bored, and also to accomplish some of those tasks on your list.My break is coming to end, but I did relax and do some fun things. as well as taxes!

Theresa Narvesen said...

You 100% deserve this break! Enjoy it, and make sure you stop and do something for yourself this week! (Not cleaning or any other household chores!) ;-)