Monday, March 23, 2015

#sol15 March 23 What do you do, at 92?

In a condo, in the suburbs
Aunt Gert is Rockin' 92,
(see the Friendly's Celebration roll?)
The 9th of 10, born on a farm,
The lone survivor
Of her clan.
No spouse, no kids.
Scattered nieces and nephews,
Friends have been lost,

She eats less, 
One meal at noon,
Some crackers for supper,
But loves her jelly beans, Hershey kisses,
Maple walnut, mint chocolate chip, 
Ice cream.

She sleeps more,
But, she waits up for me,
On Fridays, past 6,
Our date-night,
Setting up the pills,
Pricking her finger, her INR,
Every week we try to guess,
Pretend we are in Vegas.

She savors snippets
About Yankees,
Movie stars, gossip.
Of great and great-great
Nieces and nephews,
She spends her days with  
Ava, Liz, Grace,
Reruns of Law and Order. 

If I grow old,
Become home bound
If  life tries to pass me by,
I hope I will be graceful, peaceful,
Hopeful and gracious,
like Aunt Gert.  


Michelle Haseltine said...

Aunt Gert sounds like a beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing her with us through your writing!!!! :)

Mary said...

Love this tribute to your lovely Aunt Gert. Love that you share a date night with her. I bet it's the highlight of her week. I too aim to age as gracefully as your Aunt Gert. Thank you for sharing.

beckymusician said...

This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful portrait and tribute.

Tara Smith said...

You can tell that there is a bond between you and your Aunt Gert. Lovely post.

Ramona said...

I want to age like your Aunt Gert! So sweet that you have a date night with her on Fridays. Glad she still enjoys Hershey's kisses and jellybeans. I always tell my kids to be sure that I get the occasional chocolate fix at the home!

BethMooreTCRWP said...

Aunt Gert sounds a lot like our Grammy Mim who we lost a few years ago - especially the jelly beans and celebrity gossip!

Red Emma said...

This is such a graceful and caring portrait of your aunt. It seems like you have a strong connection. I'd like to see something about how that connection was created, what experience bonded the two of you besides the familial relationship.