Monday, March 2, 2015

#sol15 March 2 Once Again Blanketing Everything

It started with our coffee,
Once again,
It continued, falling steadily, all morning, 
We altered plans for the afternoon,
Stealthily* it continued unabated,
Through the night and into the morning,
Quietly, confidently, completely 
Blanketing everything in its path

I could say,
"We've had enough, go away!"
"Spring, where are you?"
I could say,
"I will not complain about the showers in April, 
Nor the heat as we swelter in classrooms this June."
I'll consider it a "gift,"
Of sorts,
An opportunity to read lots and lots of SOL Day 1 posts,
A promise that plows, snow-blowers and shovels 
Are still components of our lives.
A promise that the commute,
Will be memorable.
An annoying, but necessary message to slow down,
An opportunity for a a little reading, writing, crafting,
Perhaps even some napping or movie watching, 
And just a few more 
Snow forts
Before the daffodils appear.
* I looked up stealthily to be sure it really was a word and was happily surprised!


Mary Ann Reilly said...

Lovely. Lyrical. You capture well what I'm feeling. Off soon to navigate that commute through snow...

Dogtrax said...

Beneath the snow ... the flowers hide, and when they bloom, it will be beautiful. Or so I tell myself (we got more snow last night, too).

Michelle Haseltine said...

What a beautiful way to look at the icky day yesterday! I spent much of it blogging and commenting and previewing today's post, as you know. LOL!!! I LOVE your poem!!!

Tara Smith said...

I love the gentle acceptance of the weather - as boring and depressing as this endless winter is, you choose to see it as positively as possible. Bravo!

Donna Smith said...

Oh, yes, stealthily is a great word! Your poem is an awesome reminder. I always have to remind myself to look at each day as a gift...I can take the cold, but not a fan of the hot!

medunn80 said...

Lovely. I agree with Tara, a lovely gentle acceptance of weather. Thank you for posting.