Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#sol15 March 25 Connecting slices

Long ago, 
She slept over,
(Stayed up much too late)
I knew her pizza, Chinese
I knew her little girl concerns,
Wishes, hopes, dreams.

She's slicing
Late at night
(No surprise there)
I know her commute,
Her daughter, drawers,
Her English-teacher
Shared passion for words

Of toddler hugs and car-challenges,
Of a young-family,
Filled with energy, enthusiasm,
Bursting with busy
Glimpses back into a world
I vaguely remember.

I've long known
People connected and reconnected
Over slices of pizza, lasagna,
Slices of  pie, chocolate cake
With spoken words,
Stories told, retold.

 I'm now sure
People connect
And reconnect
Over written slices,
Like T and I (have),
Shared snippets of diverse
Stages of living
Still filled with challenges,
Wishes, concerns and dreams


shogem said...

So neat that you have that connection during the slice challenge. Great snippets of memories.

Dogtrax said...

Friendship is a powerful thing, and knowing food choices and habits is very intimate level of friendship. Glad you keep bumping into friends.

Chris Margocs said...

I have made new friends via the SOLC, but can't say I've reconnected with one--that is really cool! I like the timeline of shared moments in your poem.

Anonymous said...

Very cool to reconnect with someone over writing! ;)

Bonnie K. said...

Great source of writing here and love the poem you've created Anita.

Unknown said...

How much fun that you guys got to reconnect! This is better than Facebook!

Barbara Suter said...

Connecting is why we are in the first place! I mean both as human beings on this planet and as participants in this SOL challenge, I already feel so connected to several writers and this is only my first time as a participant. Truth is...I wish I had the time to read every post every day and respond to it. The poem you put together is a wonderful construction which I am going to save for future use.
Thanks for the idea and reminding us how valuable these connections are that we are all making each day.

Tara said...

"I'm now sure
People connect
And reconnect
Over written slices"

Absolutely! It's certainly been one of the great joys of my life to make these connections in our slicing community. Love that last picture, which is a slice waiting to be written.

Becky Leff said...

Slices of pizza and slices of life -- nice! Though you are writing about your friendship and the things you shared, I think everyone can relate to this poem - the memories and our current lives, which often take us far apart.

Half Marathon Training said...

Oh my goodness this poem has me teary-eyed! Thank you so much for writing this! (And the picture old were we in this photo?! Wish I could see a bigger shot of it.) Wow! It has been amazing reconnecting with you after so many years. You have pushed me (in a good way!) so much further in my writing and with my confidence in writing. Just truly, truly amazing to make the connection with you again. I feel so fortunate. Thanks for posting this and sharing it with me!