Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#sol 15 March 18 Someone Else's Moccasins

You've likely heard the Native American saying that you never know what "stuff" another is dealing with until you have walked a mile in others' moccasins.  I often think of those words as I "glimpse" into the windows of this writing community.  I marvel at the way people cope with so many of life's stresses.  It's clear there are concerns, joys, and chores on our plates as we struggle to find moments to write about small moments!  

I was thinking about (all of) our piled up "stuff" as I sat in a retreat, in a darkened church, in the middle of the week.  I had two zillion things to do, papers to grade, and power points to review; yet, I gave up one hour at least initially for my own petitions and prayers. In the quiet, I watched the pile of petitions seem more manageable, without fully understanding how that was happening.  I listened to my stomach quietly growl and realized I would deal with each the best I could.  It was clear, as I sat there, that I am not alone on this journey.  None of us are.

Sometimes, we miss "moments" as work, homework, housework consumes us. Sometimes, family consumes us. Sometimes, it's health concerns, or money, or loneliness. Sometimes, we balance the demands like a great conductor and the music is tremendous, for at least a few moments.  Sometimes, we celebrate and other times we mourn. Sometimes, we dance with joy and other times we writhe in worry.  Sometimes, we forget to tell others how much we care; other times, we wrap our arms (even virtually) around others.

Often, as I read and as I write, I remember that my own "moccasins," as worn, tattered and as ill-fitting as they sometimes are, these are the ones I am, will be and should be wearing. One step and then another.  Not alone on this journey.


beckymusician said...

You have summed up this feeling of the overwhelming number of things we need to do and think about so poetically. I wonder if everyone, or maybe every teacher, is feeling this way at this time of year. I certainly am.

Theresa Narvesen said...

It feels amazing to sit for a few moments to reflect on life and leave some of the stress behind. Even if it's only for a brief moment. Thanks for the insightful post. I just put my own moccasins on. :-)

Red Emma said...

This is such a useful comment on how to deal with all the things we have to and want to do. It reminds me how necessary those quiet moments are. Thank you.

LInda Baie said...

I had a tough day today for reasons I cannot share-too public about school-but I asked for and received a lot of hugs. It is important not to be alone, as you wrote, Anita. Thanks for this loving post.