Thursday, March 26, 2015

#sol15 March 26 Kodak moments?

"Kodak moment," has a clear meaning to me!  There used to be Kodak moment signs suggesting picture-taking spots.  When families gathered, we arranged ourselves for the best possible "Kodak Moment."  I grew up in the days when taking a "pic" meant placing a flash cube atop a box camera. Today, my photos live in the clouds.  

I saw the influence of Kodak's empire in the naming of buildings when I visited it;s hometown just before their empire took an abrupt turn thanks to their embracing the digital camera!

I haven't been back to Rochester in a long time and I haven't really heard anything about Kodak!  I guess I "assumed" Kodak was fading like an old photograph!  Then, I saw this posting on Twitter linking to a NYTimes article about Kodak!(thanks S)

Quietly, up on on the Rochester tundra, the company's glory has faded. The layoffs have been mighty.  Yet, there are a few hardy souls working with "nanoparticle wonder inks," or sensors that can indicate whether meats or medicines have spoiled.  I did a quick Google search and determined that while a full understanding of such particles alludes me, they " have a wide variety of potential applications in biomedical, optical and electronics."  Thus, while it's a long shot, with a lot of ingenuity, and a small miracle, there may be a few more moments for Kodak.

TO learn about photos back in the old days


LInda Baie said...

I have a student studying photography for her spring unit, and we just talked about the 'good old days' earlier this week.She visited a camera store and they still have a darkroom and it can be rented. We used to have a darkroom at school, so exciting to see that picture emerge! Thanks for the article, Anita. I'll share it with my student. And glad that the company is breaking new ground!

Tara Smith said...

I spent a summer taking photographs and learning how to develop them in a darkroom. I loved the process of it - and miss that, in this day of iphone instant pictures. Glad to know that Kodak is clinging on.

beckymusician said...

I went to school in Rochester (Eastman School of Music) and the influence of Eastman Kodak was everywhere. I'm glad they are still hanging on, I would think there are plenty of photography-related avenues left to explore.