Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#sol15 March 31 SOL: It's a lot like a lacrosse season

As I sat in the nearly empty stands on a cold, windy, springtime afternoon, watching the game, I remembered how fast time flies,   Not that long ago, I spent many slices of my life sitting in the stands, sometimes roasting and sometimes freezing.  Not so long ago, my son, the coach, and his cousin, the other coach, were tossing lacrosse balls around the yard amidst warnings to, "Watch out for the windows!" Perhaps it was the memories of little boys grown into men or perhaps it was the shivering or perhaps it was the lopsided nature of this sporting event; whatever it was, it was hard to keep my mind in the "game." 
I reflected on how their daily practice hones skills and makes every move come easily, just like daily practice does for writers. 

I reflected how feedback from coaches and parents fueled their passion and supported them over the rough patches of the game, just like it does for writers.

I thought about those rough spots, the games that were lost, badly, and the tough seasons.  I thought about how coaches make a difference, just like they do for writers.

I thought about how it gets easier, the more you play, the more you practice, just like it does for writers.

I thought about how not every game will result in a victory, some post will be so-so or even boring.

I thought about how a little play can make a big difference, just like a little idea can spur great writing.

I guess you could call this an event-to-event connection.  The SOL challenge is much like a lacrosse (or baseball, track.....) season filled with supportive coaches, great memories, new friends, and new "ideas."  While the SOL Challenge is a short season, its intensity reminds us of what  our children need to grow as writers.  It reminds us that everything we do, see, hear, and smell has the potential to be a post - if we let it! 

I thank Stacey Shubitz, Anna Gratz Cockerille Betsy Hubbard, Beth Moore, Dana Murphy and
Tara Smith for sponsoring this season and the ongoing weekly practice sessions I will be part of all year long!  


Michelle Haseltine said...

"Just like it does for writers." YES! It's the showing up that counts. I learn more every year I do this!! I love getting your early morning comments! Thanks for being one of my teammates in this season of writing!

Bonnie K. said...

Wonderful analogy and I'm so grateful that there's Tuesdays for more sharing.

LInda Baie said...

Beautifully written, Anita, and so apt. I've enjoyed your slicing all the month, & this is a terrific ending. See you on Tuesday! Hope you join us too for #DigiPoetry!

Tara Smith said...

Thanks for writing this so beautifully, Anita - yup, it's about showing up, and offering support to the others that do, as well.

beckymusician said...

Great analogy! That's all been true for me this month on Slice of Life. I hope to make it happen for my students, too.