Monday, March 9, 2015

#sol15 March 9 More, more, more

At this point of the SOL month, I seem to get the "reminder" that writers are readers whose minds continue to think as a story lingers in their mind.  

That is what happened when I read a fellow SOLer's post. She's writing about sharing her energy bar with her toddler clamoring for "more" but her central message was something far "more" (pun intended)!

As her post jostled in my brain, I visualized mother dogs rescuing their puppies and those National Geographic-esque images of mother elephants protecting their calves from tiger attacks.

I found my mind drifting to my own grown-up-children. I would have done anything. given up anything for them when they were tiny, helpless babes. My love grew as they did, and by the time they were all-over-the-place-clamoring toddlers, I'd given them the food off my plate as well as the content of my heart, or at least I thought I had. When the were all-over-the-place teens, I'd given them love, space, direction, sneakers, and more prayers than I knew possible.  Who could have ever guessed myr heart could grow as they did?  Who could have ever guessed you could worry, pray, hope, love so much?

Over the years, I've shared the contents of my refrigerator, my wallet and my heart.  No matter what was going on or where they were, they were (still are) in my heart, every single day.  They might contend I didn't send them to Europe, but they had teeth cleaned, bellies filled, and were never without books or love. Truth-be-told, I would have done anything to help, support, and protect them even on days when we did could not agree! Nothing has changed in that department.

So, Theresa, that is the way it is, you will give "more" than your energy bar, more than you knew possible. As all the mommas (with the exception, perhaps, of mamma sea turtles who lay their eggs and never return) would attend, Mommas would do anything to care for, help, support or protect their kids, no matter how old they are! No matter what your think you would do for your child, you would do, "more." The good news is that your heart is still growing and will grow even, "more." 



Jill Derosa said...

Such beautiful words. I have a 15 and 19 year old and I can totally relate to your post. Just because they grow up doesn't mean they need you any less, they just need you in a different way.

Chris Margocs said...

On this day when I'm looking ahead to a midnight run to pick up my teenager at the airport after his band trip, I am certainly relating to the "giving more" theme of this post! We do what we have to, and then some, as mothers.

MaryHelen said...

Your heart does give more and grows all the time. My mind wonders how each are doing in the daily activities. I love how you crafted in tangible giving along with the emotional giving.

Tara Smith said...

Amen, sister. Our hearts just have a way to expand, don't they?

Theresa Narvesen said...

Thank you for this, Anita! Yes, my heart continues to grow more and more each day. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her, and I'd give her my energy bar over and over again. I have such admiration for mothers who have gone on this wonderful journey, and I always look for advice and reassurance as I'm just starting out. xo