Saturday, January 10, 2015

The 8 Minutes That Matter Most | Edutopia

Teachers seem to be "complaining" about not having enough "time" these days.  We blame the standards, the assured experiences, the mandated programs; yet, making every moment count and assuring the greatest possible student engagement is not always at the top of our plans.  

So as I scrolled down Twitter this morning, Amy's tweet from Edutopia captured my attention!
                            The 8 Minutes That Matter Most | Edutopia

As this article so clearly points out, "The eight minutes that matter most are the beginning and endings. If a lesson does not start off strong by activating prior knowledge, creating anticipation, or establishing goals, student interest wanes, and you have to do some heavy lifting to get them back. If it fails to check for understanding, you will never know if the lesson's goal was attained." 

The article goes on to suggest ways to increase engagement at the beginning and at the end of your lesson that mimic Social Media!    This is a must morning read :)
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