Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When Things Are Better Than We Expect

We all had 8-12 inches of snow around these parts yesterday leading to a long anticipated (first for us) snow day. It was windy and bitter cold for a good part of the day and typically, there would have been lots of complaints about the snow, wind or cold!

Yet, something miraculous seemed to happen as we returned to school and shared stories about our "snow day."

"It wasn't that bad,"  seemed to be a standard comment.
"I spent the day in my pajamas," seemed to be a common theme.
"It was great and I am glad to get back to school," was even noted by a few.

The recent "blizzard" in the NY Metropolitan region became more accurately a "blizzette"*  when a cold front pushed it just a few miles out to sea.  Long Island, the Connecticut coast, Rhode Island and Boston took the brunt of this storm.  Anyway you looked at it, there was a lot of snow and cold; however, it was not as bad as we expected.

While I don't propose adopting a "sky is falling" or "cup is half empty" mentality most of the time, there was abundant relief in these parts when we realized the 3 feet of predicted snow was in reality less than a foot! Sometimes it's like that for our students, too.  A project or a test is not as bad as they feared.  Sometimes it's like that for us, too. The lesson we dreaded teaching goes really well in spite of the fact that we had a "pop in" administrator visit!  A student who was struggling or challenging turns the corner and is learning, fitting in, and happier.

Sometimes things are just better than we expect! Let's hope that Friday's anticipated "small snow event" and Sunday night's Super Bowl of Snow will both be "better" (meaning less stressful) than we expect!    

*blizzette -  according to my household's #1 meteorologist, this is a new term used to describe a snow event that does not live up to its hype

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