Monday, April 27, 2015

#sol Bulk Trash of Spring

Every spring,
The piles take root,
Along the edge of driveways,
Nestled among the forsythia blossoms,
Resting patiently, expectantly,
Assured there will be "pickers"
Who will scoop up chairs, tables, desks,
High chairs, cribs, play yards, bikes,
Old doors, windows, washers,
Cabinets, sinks, toilets,
Bookcases, bureaus, lawn chairs.

Some of it is clearly trash, 
Broken beyond use and destined
For a dump somewhere.

Yet most of the pile,
Cast out in a rash of spring cleaning,
Could still be used.
Most was replaced by a society
That values new, clean, bright and shiny.
That disparages old, ratty, worn and broken.
Those piles seem huge on Monday morning,  
Carefully assembled on the weekend,
Cleared by "pickers" who know the ropes,
Arriving on Monday with 
Trucks, trailers, minivans,
With a keen eye they discern
The potential of each piece of trash
Knowing what might become treasure.
It's a socio-economic-recycling-ecosystem! 

PS: These are not my local photos of trash as I cannot drive and shoot!  


LInda Baie said...

I can't do this on my street, although there is one day each month that's large pick-up, but my daughter lives on an alley, so any time I want to put something out like this, I take it over to them. You've captured the essence exactly, Anita. Everyone wants "new". And I guess some people make their living from the throwaways.

Tara Smith said...

Trash night! We have these once a month, and I keep putting stuff out...and always seem to have more. What a great slice, Anita - love the use of the photos.

Anonymous said...

We have this in our town too - each May. You have described it so well -- the socioeconomic recycling system. I do love when I see that someone can use something we are getting rid of... feels so much better than throwing it away!