Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Time, time, time

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I've spent lots of time, lately,
With my mother.
Day merging into night,
Night merging into day.
We haven't gone anywhere,
Although we did catch
"The Antique Roadshow."
We haven't eaten much
Although we did share
Some Town House crackers.

I've had time to reflect,
On making time,
While we can,
Walk and share dreams, 
Talk and share thoughts,
"Break bread,"
Make memories.

She's weak and tired,
Yet, still fighting, 
Still feisty at times.
Still wanting to be in control.
She sleeps a lot at this time,
Those awake interactions,
Not all pleasant.
She may not tell me
But I know she appreciates
My gift, all I can give now, time.

I've had lots of time,
 To reflect  
Lots of time 
Thinking about life
Passing by  
Like the sand in an hourglass.

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