Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#sol15 The daffodils are ready to bloom

I'm sharing this poem about today's testing season,
with a comparison to this season's late daffodils....
I'm sure that this poem, like my work with learners
 is not finished after they "bloom" today!

They're peeking out,
Bits of springtime brightness, 
Wrapped in green stalks,
Not sure they are ready 
Yet finally prepared
For whatever
April has in store.
They're bright-eyed
This April morning,
Moms, dads, said,
"Just do you best!"
As their "buds,"
In growing bodies,
Eager minds,
Arrive cautiously, 
Yet confidently,
Not sure they are ready,
Yet prepared 
For whatever lies ahead.
Blooming daffodils
Like April weather,
May be a moment to bloom.
May cast a passing shadow,
May challenge buds (like April snows),
May be a necessary part of life,
Like rain, wind, and sun,
May be the topic of heated debate,
Diverse viewpoints.
Yet, with certainty,
We will support and care for
Each bud
Who like daffodils, 
Will each shine brightly,
In their own time.


Tara Smith said...

Perfect metaphor for these times...good luck with the testing, we are "looking forward" to our second round of PARCC soon. :(

LInda Baie said...

"in their own time" says it well. How can anyone think that there are these "things" that everyone must know at a certain age/grade/time? Best wishes to you, Anita, in this testing time.