Friday, March 30, 2018

#sol18 March 30 Many a Good Friday

I spent a few Good Fridays sleeping in, grateful for a day off from school!
Certainly, there were seasons where sleep seemed to be what I needed most. I'm not sure I reflected much in those days.
I spent a few Good Fridays finishing matching ruffled Easter dresses.
Surely, those little girls looked cute when I finished racing that sewing machine to the finish line.  I suspect I was so busy I had no time to reflect before I started cooking!
I spent a few Good Fridays doing the pedicure thing with my mom.
Certainly it was stressful to get here there, but she appreciated perfect toes even if they were hidden! She always picked a light pink color that would "last longer!"
I spent a few Good Fridays walking the High Line, visiting the orchids, and celebrating at St. Patrick's Cathedral. 
They were inspiring and uplifting days of walking, talking and loving.  I'll always remember them fondly.
I've spent a few Good Fridays missing those no longer with us.
Memories bubble over when you step off that treadmill of life and reflect.
I've spent many a Good Friday thinking, reflecting, praying, and grateful for this journey and for those on the journey with me.  
That is my plan for today.  


Diane Anderson said...

I like your plan.

Terje said...

I hope your Good Friday gave you time to think and reflect, pray and appreciate as you planned.

Ramona said...

What a lovely post! All fun activities, but your plan for today is the best.