Monday, February 20, 2012

People, Politeness, Politics

Today, Presidents' Day, is really the only day we have to honor all the Presidents' of the United States; however, like SO MANY of our national holidays (MLK's Birthday,Memorial Day....) it has become a national "shopping day".  In reality, it makes sense that those of us whose normal weeks are filled with work and weekend filled with catching up and getting ready appreciate an extra day now and then to hit the outlet and strip malls checking out the latest styles and searching for bargains.
Today, I took on the infamous Woodbury Commons for an annual / semi-annual trek through the designer shops and outlet style bargain stores.  I really did have a wonderful time primarily because during then long moments between trying on clothes, I had a chance to catch up with my daughter.  We laughed and reflected on trips not so long ago to different stores where we pondered over far edgier dresses.  We chucked over the length of dresses these days and over the quality (lack of) in much of the merchandise. 
When we approached the food court, the crowds were unreal.  There were people eating in the flowers and hanging onto lamp poles as they balanced slices of pizza.  We knew that there would be no way we would get anything without a LONG wait, so we headed to our cars with the intent of going to the diner.....and then we saw a slice of life that did NOT make me proud to be an American shopper on a holiday....
First there was the woman who gave us this extended view of her manicure....because we were in the crosswalk I guess and she WAS in a hurry...that was for sure...I hope her kids don't try that salute in school!
THEN, there was the gentleman, in a large BMW maxi van who would not let me out because he wanted my spot because he did not want anyone else to take it....sigh...I know that does not really make sense.....He also extended some comments about my being female and used some vocabulary that his carload of kids would NOT have heard if they had been in school.....
It really was still a very wonderful day....but if we Americans WANT to keep these special days for shopping and connecting with our kids, we should also practice some politeness!  No matter what political affiliation our leaders have, we expect them to be polite and serve as model Americans. No matter what stresses we adults have in our lives, we need to serve as models of appropriate behavior.
Happy Presidents' Day

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