Sunday, February 19, 2012

I am learning to live, work and write in the 21st Century

Yes I am learning to live, work and write in the 21st Century; yet, today I feel like a dinosaur who has come ot life after resting for a few centuries - or in the world of technology - for 20 months. In the less than 2 years since I bought my last computer, the computer world has changed so much and I have SO much more data to save and value on my hard drive. 
So today I AGAIN played with tablets and notebooks.  I have explored the ultra laptops and sturdy desktops.  I have taked to salespeople who want you to THINK they know what they are talking about; yet after a couple of days of living in the world of having to buy a computer, I think I know more than most of the salespeople. 
I'd like to say I see where we, as teachers, are headed...but I am not sure. I do see that we have a lot of data that we do not want to lose.  I am sure that I do not need a state of the art notebook to get by; however, I am confident  that computers as we know them today, are dinosaurs!  I am more confident than ever before that the aging desktops issued by school districts are dinosaurs.  i am sure that the desktop I will be purchasing in the morning will be around long enough to save lots of picuters of my family and friends - probably not long enough to see grandchildren.  The future for us all is in ultra thin laptops and tablets.  The future that our children will use is a "light" version of computing technology with data stored in giant data clouds that will hopefully not take up too much of the sky!
 So tonight, I am backing up all my data, books, and powerpoints on a 16gb data transporter and hoping that I do not lose that little disk that holds my life in one tiny microchip!  I am confident that God did not cause this BLIP in my computing life; however, I am grateful that this occured when I had a few days off to reorganize my computing life and try out the available options - there are many!  While there are times when I have counted sheep to fall asleep, tonight it will likely be MB, GB, and GH along with the names of my new friends: Toshiba, Lenova and Asus.  To borrow a line from Clement Moore, I will fall asleep with visions of tables and laptops dancing in my head.  I hope I can get some sleep!  This 21st Century life-style is going to keep me on my toes!

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