Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Technology Day: PART 1

With due credit to Judith Virost who coined the title of her classic children's tale of woe and to people out there who know about REALLY had horrible days (I do realize that the woes I am going to share are not even close to real horrible), Thursday was NOT a good day for me and my technology!
It started around 5AM when to save my life, I could not seem to log onto the internet.  I tried all the tricks I knew: plugging and unplugging the internet connection; hitting enter again and again; restarting my computer and even walking away and coming back to the box that held access to my grad students' enduring understandings and essential questions that had been sent overnight. I didn't realize it at the time; however, there were some essential questions emerging from my experience early that morning that would haunt my thinking for a while....such as, "What is the role of technology is our modern day lives?" and "How can technology issues impact our lives?"
After a quick jaunt on the treadmill to reduce my already building stress and an even quicker preparation for the day, I headed off down the driveway.  As usual, I stopped at the bottom of the driveway and did a quick mental recap of my preparation for the day: shoes, extra sweater, extra lunch (Thursday is my LONG day) and cell phone.  As I reached across to the passenger seat into the front pocket that should have been the resting place of that much needed rectangle that takes and gives messages, I came up with only old receipts and some spare change.  Sigh.  I turned around and drove back up the driveway...and began the search...  I am guessing others have to do this - call their cell with the land line?  It is really one of the rare times I use the land-line - but am so grateful for those moments (I don't know what my children who do not have land lines do!) Anyway, it was retrieved from the pocket of the coat I THOUGHT I was going to wear until I realized how COLD that morning was!....
AND THEN, a bit late,,,,I headed off....
TO BE CONTINUED...I have to talk technology with my husband over some old fashioned coffee!

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